3-5 gallon Production Line

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3-5 gallon Production Line

With systems from JET for filling non-sparkling water, you can rely on our high quality and ideal hygienic conditions combined with maximum cost and energy efficiency. Whichever container shape you prefer – we will find the best solution for your requirements.All of our lines are equipped with technologically sophisticated single machines that cover each phase of the production process: from Water Treatment, blower, filling, labeling, packing, and palletizing up to including inspection and complete sanitizing. These machines are available in a wide variety of capacities to optimally meet your individual needs.

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Ultrafiltration (UF) is a variety of membrane filtration in which forces like pressure or concentration gradients lead to a separation through a semipermeable membrane. Suspended solids and solutes of high molecular weight are retained in the so-called retentate, while water and low molecular weight solutes pass through the membrane in the permeate. This separation process is used in industry and research for purifying and concentrating macromolecular solutions. Ultrafiltration membranes are defined by the molecular weight cut-off (mwco) of the membrane used. Ultrafiltration is applied in cross-flow or dead-end mode.

VS-L series automatic bottle blowing machine is developed by our company according to the most advanced bottle making technology in the world. Has a high degree of automation, machine performance is stable and reliable, simple structure, high efficiency, power saving, low noise and the characteristics of products not polluted by the intermediate links.It is suitable for blowing 3/4/5 gallon pure water, mineral water bottles.

1. Wash & clean internal bottle with alkali water, detergent water, pure water or other water.

2. Filling water into empty bottle.

3. Capping the filled bottles with plastic caps.

According to the characteristics of the standard set, the mechanical structure, circuit design and intelligent control are improved to improve the production efficiency, meet the requirements of large manufacturers, and reduce the production cost for customers. Increased production efficiency. Due to the design of equal speed ratio, this machine completely realizes the purpose of standard setting, smooth table feeding, stable operation and fast mark cutting.

Autoamtic bagging machine adopts teflon coating anti-adhesion and high temperature aluminum alloy knife,sealing not crack;connected with unmanned operation of production line,high packaging efficiency,mechanized operation.

The machine adopts the slide type self-gravity feeding bottle,the power consumption of the waiting machine state is extremely low,and the energy consumption is extremely low;the adjustable palletizing speed is matched with the filling and discharging line.


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