Carbonated Drink Production Line

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Carbonated Drink Production Line

The carbonated drinking filling machine could be separated to 3 modules. The height of the bottle-out conveyor is adjustable. Bottles are conveyed to rinser, filler and capper through starwheel and conveyed out finally through bottle-out conveyor. Equip with alarm device for bottle block, bottle absence, cap absence and overload. The machine meets the national food hygienic standard, with high automation and easy to operate.

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ModelCapacity (based on 500ml PET bottle)Overall dimensions (L*W*H)PowerWeight
DCGF18-18-65000BPH2800*2050*2300 mm3 Kw5500 kg
DCGF24-24-88000BPH3100*2250*2300 mm4 Kw7000 kg
DCGF32-32-1010000BPH3600*2900*2300 mm5.5 Kw8500 kg
DCGF40-40-1213000BPH4250*3250*2300 mm7.5 Kw10000 kg
DCGF50-50-1216000BPH5200*3700*2300 mm11 Kw14000 kg
DCGF60-60-1516000BPH5200*3700*2300 mm11 Kw14000 kg
DCGF72-72-1626000BPH6900*4950*2300 mm11 Kw18000 kg
DCGF80-80-1830000BPH7600*5100*2300 mm15 Kw20000 kg

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Different equipment used to produce pure water and mineral water.According to the membrane pore size,water treatment system include RO purifier,Nano purifier,UF purifier.After passing through the purifier,remove the bacteria and impurities from the water to make water quality can meet the drinking water standard.Treatment capacity up to 100,000L/H.

The beverage blending system is a pre-treatment complete set of different juice drinks and carbonated drink beverages.All kind of raw materials,auxiliary material and water are extracted or dissolved according to the predetermined process parameters through varies process unit,then mixed adjust the obtain semi -finished products.Mainly includes hot water unit,dissolved sugar filter 

Adopt the linkage structure of servo motor drive the Open & close mold and bottom mold

No need equip LP Air compressor,save 30kw/hour of power consumption.

Mold positioning installation, easy & quick mold replacement in half an hour

High-speed stability, easy maintenance, single cavity capacity up to 1500bph

Application Scope: water,carbonated drink,juice,milk,oil,daily chemical bottles etc

Adopt PLC as center control,make sure of pressure transmitter and electromagnetism pneumatic valve to measure liquid level

For high output,liquid tank adopts an annular liquid tank to balance the pressure in the tank

Adopt advanced magnet clutches for capping with adjustable torsional moment to insure capping safely and reliably.

According to the characteristics of the standard set, the mechanical structure, circuit design and intelligent control are improved to improve the production efficiency, meet the requirements of large manufacturers, and reduce the production cost for customers. Increased production efficiency. Due to the design of equal speed ratio, this machine completely realizes the purpose of standard setting

Suitable for beer, beverage, fruit juice, bottled water, dairy products, condiments and other shrink film packaging.Unique film unwinding device and film constant tension transmission, film instantaneous cut off, automatic lap wrap method, shrink the higher strength after packaging.Servo motor control system, the lever into the bottle, film, film, film precision synchronization, stable and reliable.Exclusive …

Conveyor system include bottle unsrambler ,tilting sterilizer,bottle warmer ,bottle cooler,pasteurization spray tunnel,chain conveyor,case conveyor.According to the products and different requirements to choose conveying equipment.Capacity up to 48,000bph

The Automatic Palletizer can put different products in a fixed order and stack them on the pallet automatically. Number of product and layers can be set .easy for the fork moves the full pallet into storehouse. This equipment adopts PLC ,touch screen and intelligent managing which is not only simple and easy to master, but also reducing the labor.


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