1. Principle of carbonated beverage production line:
  2. The principles of the carbonated beverage production line are divided into: water treatment and purification and multi-media filtration. The water source flows from the pool into the pure water tank through the pipeline, and passes through the multi-media filter for preliminary coarse filtration, which filters out large particles in the water and removes visible pollution.
  3. The activated carbon filter uses activated carbon filter filling made of coconut shell. After the water passes through the multi-media filter, it is filtered through the activated carbon filter to remove organic compounds, carcinogens and other elements harmful to the human body.
  4. Sodium ion exchanger: The water filtered by activated carbon exchanges with sodium ions to remove calcium and magnesium compounds in the water.
  5. Purified water needs final disinfection after filtration. The viruses and bacteria remaining in the water can only meet drinking water standards by using an ozone generator.
  1. Characteristics of carbonated beverage production line:
  2. We choose imported motors for the carbonated beverage production line equipment to ensure long-term operation without failure.
  3. The machine operation mode of the fully automatic carbonated beverage production line is designed based on the mechanical principle of the mechanical watch, so that the working components of bottle rinsing, beverage filling, and bottle capping can rotate synchronously.

Principles and characteristics of carbonated beverage production line

  1. The beverage production line can remain stable. The filling machine adopts bottleneck transmission technology to realize fully automatic bottle washing, filling, capping and other processes, with a high degree of automation.
  2. Photoelectric detection of the operating status of each component is highly automated and easy to operate. On this basis, the sealing method can be equipped with aluminum metal anti-theft cover and plastic cover, which is an ideal equipment for beverage manufacturers. Stainless steel is used in the gear process because it is not easily oxidized by air.

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