Automatic Beverage Processing System

Automatic Beverage Processing System is used in juice, carbonated beverage preparing, blending, sterilizing.,etc before filling. Beverage mixing plant adopts professional process design, high-quality sanitary valve fittings, precision control instruments and electronic control components. It provides customers with various equipment such as extraction, sugar melting, dispensing, homogenization, degassing, UHT.,etc. Beverage processing plant capacity from 1T up to 100T as per customer needed.


Highest output combined with highest effciency

A new benchmark in block technology

11% less heating energy consumption;20% less blowing air consumption;40% less filling valves due to dual filling concept

Signficantly reduced scrap-rate due to skip and run technology

Neck handing at the labelling carousel for highest precision

“No bottle-no label”function to avoid label losses

No spillage-no product losses

lowest energy and media consumption per bottle




Hot water systemSupply hot water to sugar dissolving, tea extracting, juice, ingredient, milk restoration etc.
Sugar dissolving systemUse good quality sugar to dissolve in certain hot water to make syrup, after hot preservation,pasteurization, filtration, and cooling down, then store to use.
Ingredient systemSupply restored juice, stabilizing agent etc.
Batching SystemTo pump syrup, other main material and ingredient, juice, RO water basing on certain ratio and certain order. Mixing all the materials in batching tank to make the liquid even, check sample, stew, and then go to next step.
CIP systemCIP system is designed to clean and sanitize. It is a necessary system in food production.Use alkali and acid as the media, under the effect of heat exchanger to clean all the valves,tanks, pipes etc. So as to reach the safety standard.
Extracting SystemTo put tea into a basket, tank bottom or rotate tank, and then add hot water, after filtration and cooling to batching tanks.



As a manufacturer, we have been in beverage machine industry for more than 10 years, our factory is in Leyu Town,Zhangjiagang city which is near Shanghai and Wuxi.

It will be showed in the quotation. Send me inquiry. Normally 45 days.

It will be showed in the quotation. Send me inquiry. Normally 45 days.

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