In terms of operation, fully automatic beverage equipment, as the name suggests, means that the entire production process is fully automatic, which is more convenient and does not require much manual cooperation. It only requires personnel to operate the equipment skillfully, and the production efficiency is high; while semi-automatic Some aspects of beverage equipment require personnel to cooperate with the operation, which requires more labor and lower production efficiency.

Beverage equipment

In terms of scope of use, fully automatic beverage equipment is generally used for beverage production with medium or larger output, while semi-automatic equipment is generally used for beverage production lines with smaller output.

In terms of price, fully automatic beverage equipment has a higher technical content, so the price is much higher than that of semi-automatic beverage equipment. Beverage production companies can choose appropriate beverage equipment based on their own production scale and production technology to meet their different needs.

The beverage equipment designed and manufactured by Chenyu Machinery has an effective control system that actively controls the water level of the material, and the process is fully automated. The beverage production line adopts suspended filling. It can operate different bottle types, bottle sizes and thicknesses, and has a wide range of uses.

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