Mineral water is a fast-moving consumer goods in summer. The production of mineral water is not a good business in summer. It is necessary to set up a small mineral water production line and the following conditions are required.
First of all, the location, how big and how big the factory building, for example, 2,000 bottles of drinks or water per hour, the minimum factory building requirement is 600 square meters, and it must be close to the water source.

Mineral water production line

  1. Water treatment equipment, reverse osmosis equipment to filter mineral water, a total of 40,000-60,000.
  2. Filling machine. If the daily output is required to be 1,000 pieces and overtime production is possible, a rotary filling line with a capacity of 1,000-1,500 bottles/hour is sufficient. Generally, small mineral water filling companies will choose Chenyu Machinery’s filling machines, which have complete after-sales services and optional equipment can be customized according to requirements.
  3. Equipment materials and key components. In order to be durable, the equipment must be made of 304 or 316 stainless steel. In addition, pipes, valves, pumps, etc. need to be of good quality and have a low failure rate.
  4. Bottle blowing machine: Blowing mineral water bottles is the first step in the production line. The quality of the equipment directly affects the work of subsequent equipment. Once a failure occurs, the entire production line will stop running.
  5. Sleeve labeling machine and packaging machine: Sleeve labeling, packaging and cartoning of produced mineral water bottles
  6. The height of the factory building should be more than 4 meters and the area should be more than 700 square meters (one line).
  7. Fully automatic beverage filling production equipment can be purchased for about 300,000 yuan, but auxiliary facilities are relatively expensive, such as factory renovation, capping machines, personnel disinfection facilities, cleaning workshops, laboratories, etc. It is estimated that 300,000 yuan is safer. .
  8. Mineral water production line
  9. In addition, rent and reserve funds also need to be prepared at least 300,000 yuan.
  10. Therefore, it now takes at least 1 million yuan to open a beverage factory that can produce stable quality and maintain survival.
  11. It should be noted that once started, there is no turning back. Investors in small beverage companies often only focus on equipment investment costs and ignore supporting facilities, auxiliary facilities, start-up expenses, QS declaration, customized molds, employee work-related injury insurance, packaging design, Post-production expenses and time costs such as plate making, recruitment, training, and trial production. Develop more than two sets of plans and emergency measures and implement them carefully.

JET Machinery’s mineral water production line adopts foreign advanced technology and is developed independently by combining with my country’s characteristics. It uses a lot of new technologies, new processes and new structures. It has excellent quality. The neck of the bottle is stuck between the bottle fixing plate and the upper forming plate. The star wheel drives the clamp to clamp the bottle and flip it up and down, thus realizing the three processes of cleaning, filling and sealing. In addition, all parts of the mineral water filling equipment that are in contact with the liquid are made of 304 stainless steel or food engineering plastics, which are wear-resistant and oxidation-resistant. Most of its electrical systems use imported parts. This machine has standard food hygiene, stable and reliable performance, low failure rate, fully automatic control and perfect after-sales service, and is very popular among domestic and foreign customers. It is an ideal equipment for various beverage production enterprises.

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